Former One Direction star Zayn Malik is preparing for something big and social media can't keep calm! But what is it??

A few hours ago, daddy Zayn took to Instagram stories and shared a cryptic picture of a grand empty hall, that gave the fans an insight into Zayn's upcoming music video or maybe an upcoming live concert.

Zayn Malik

Is Zayn Malik going to perform! Here's the truth!

The Pillow Talk crooner took to his Instagram Stories and shared a cryptic picture of the renowned St. George Theatre situated in New York City. However, no individual was seen in the shot, and the stage did look prepared for a show. With red curtains draw, lights on, and it almost felt that the director would say, roll, camera, lights, and action and Zayn would start performing! Well, we hope so!

However, daddy Zayn shared the photo sans a caption or location details, but it was enough to drive fans crazy. In no time, Zayn Malik began trending on Twitter with fans chanting "Zayn is coming" as they couldn't contain their excitement over the singer's numerous teases.

Few of them are also speculating that Zayn might be working on a live show, owing to the location, and are preparing themselves for an epic show.

Curious fans have also bombarded Twitter asking the singer to release an official statement of his comeback.

Zayn Malik social media

Let's take a look at how fans are reacting online:

The snap has also caused 'ZAYN WORLD DOMINATION' to trend on Twitter.

ZAYN MALIK WORLD DOMINATION !! I would kill myself if its a live show (crying emoji)," a tweet read. "ZAYN MALIK LIVESTREAM CONCERT??? we could be getting ZAYN on STAGE?? PERFORMING?? for the US?? ZAYN MALIK WORLD DOMINATION" added another fan. "ZAYN MALIK IS AT St. George Theater in NY WE MIGHT GET A F**KING LIVE PERFORMANCE," speculated another Twitter user.

One fan wrote, "the king is coming back" and another said, "what are you up to???"

Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik

Zayn's gives his fans a sneak-peek his upcoming music.

Recently the singer posted a snippet of music from the recording studio. In the monochromatic video, Zayn can be seen practising, as he holds his mobile device to refer to the lyrics. A massive microphone is placed in front of him as soothing music plays in the background.

 Zayn turns daddy!

2020 has been a memorable year for Zayn as he celebrated the arrival of his daughter, with Gigi Hadid. However, the duo hasn't revealed the face of their toddler. Fans are hyperventilating to catch a glimpse of their little one.

Zayn and Gigi's daugther

 Well, check out these cutesy pictures of Gigi caressing her Lil one!

Gigi Hadid
Gigi hadid