Girls drool over John Abraham's chiselled body and infectious dimpled smile. The debonair actor is known for his dedication to fitness. Come what may the actor never fails to hit the gym and has inspired many millennials to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Apart from being one of the fittest actors, John is known for his versatility and high octane action sequences. From making us laugh to our heart's content to packing a few punches to making girls flatter with his smile, John has carved a niche for himself in Bollywood. 

John Abraham

On the occasion of his 48th birthday, let's take a look unknown and inspiring facts about John, his fitness regime and his strenuous workout pictures from the gym!

John Abraham is not his real name.

John Abraham's real name is Farhan Irani. Yes, a myth, this is the name for his maternal Iranian side, but his real name is a reverse of his dad's name, Abraham John!

John's family

John is an MBA!

John is one of the few highly educated celebrities in Bollywood. He did his graduation in economics and held a degree of Masters in Business Administration from Mumbai. 

John Abraham

Gadget freak

He had conceptualised a cell phone game and named it Velocity while in High School. This was programmed later by a company named Small Devices. 

The journey from being besties to Dhoom cast!

Hrithik Roshan, Uday Chopra and Abhishek Bachchan are his best friends and studied in the same school- Bombay Scottish School.  Remember the Dhoom gang! 

John a model

He didn't want to be an actor.

John wanted to become an architect like his dad and brother but got gulped into media relations. He has worked for various media companies as a media planner and promotion manager before stepping into Bollywood. John was Gladrags Manhunt Super Model runner up.

John Abraham

Debut music video

John featured in an album named Surma, by Punjabi singer Jazzy B. He played a crime investigator in the album.

John Abrahm'

John is not only physically strong, but mentally, he is a fighter!

His father was a cancer patient. He fought and survived the deadly disease. He claims to have learned a lot from his dad's strength and his mother's care.

The JA factor!

John has a smart investment in a fitness entity called JA Fitness. He has his own clothing range named under the brand, JA and a production house (proud makers of Vicky Donor and Madras Café) named JA entertainment.

John Abraham

He hates partying 

In real life, he hates going to parties and dance clubs late at night.

John wife Priya, John and Bipasha were gym friends.

John is a  gym freak, and back in 2009, John Abraham, Bipasha Basu and his now-wife Priya were gym buddies. 

John loves dogs and bike

John is a footballer and an athlete. 

An athlete!! Yes, he was an enthusiastic runner. He had won accolades and prizes for 200m and 500m races.

John and bike

Vroom Vroom.. love for bikes

He bought his first bike at the age of 18, (Yamaha Re 350) for 17500/-. He now owns an Audi Q7, Yamaha R1, and a Maruti Gypsy. Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 is his recent buy. He was recently gifted a super-bike, The Aprilia RSV-4. He is the Indian brand ambassador for Yamaha and Reebok. And he is even looking out to form a bike racing team shortly. 

Swept a National Award!!

His film Vicky Donor had been honoured by National Award for the Best Popular Film Providing Popular Entertainment.

John and Priya's marriage

John and priya

John Abraham and Priya Runchal have always kept their relationship secret. John married Priya in 2013.  Only when he wished fans a happy new year and signed off as 'John and Priya Abraham' did everyone find out that he was married.

John and Priya

John's films

John Abraham has been a part of many Bollywood films like Jism to Madras Café, Dostana, Force and many more. John's career is an amalgamation of comedy, romance, action and drama.

John is currently in Lucknow, where he is shooting for the climax of his upcoming film, Milap Zaveri's Satyameva Jayate 2. The film is a standalone sequel to the 2018 film Satyameva Jayate, in which he played a vigilante who targeted corrupt police officers.

John is a pure vegetarian. 

What does John eat in a day

John Abraham is a vegetarian and consists of 6 meals a day in his diet, which includes proteins, carbohydrates and fibres.

In one of his interviews for Men's Health, John advises men to concentrate on toning and strengthening their legs which are often ignored while people concentrate more on building biceps. The bottom line is that you need to focus on having a proportionate body. You need to have a good balance.

Proteins: Milk, curd, sprouts, pulses, soya and protein supplement.

Carbohydrates: potato, corn grains, jowar, bajra and wheat.

Fibre: Salads, papaya, musk melon, apple, orange, sweet lime and green vegetables.

 John's workout regime:

Monday(chest and triceps)


Bench Press (6 sets)

3 sets of inclined bench press of 15 rep

3 sets of declined bench press of 15 rep

Dumbbell fly

John ABraham in gym


2 Sets of inclined dumbbell fly of 15 rep

2 Sets of declined dumbbell fly of 15 rep

3 Sets of Cable flies of 15 reps

4 Sets of Triceps push down of 15 reps

John ABraham in gym

Tuesday(Back and Abs)

4 Sets of Bend over Barbell row of 15 reps

4 Sets of pull up of 12 reps

4 sets of shrugs of 12 reps

3 sets of crunches and leg raise of 12 reps

John Abraham


30-minute treadmill running

20-minute Bicycling

Abdominal workout

Crunches and lunges

John Abraham in Gym


4 sets of Leg press of 12 reps

4 sets of squats of 20 reps

4 sets of extensions of 15 reps

3 sets of leg curl of 15 reps

3 sets of hack squats of 15 reps

Friday(Shoulders and Biceps)

3 sets of overhead presses of 15 reps

3 sets of seated military presses of 15 reps

4 sets of dumbbells lateral of 15 reps

4 sets of alternate dumbbells of 15 reps

3 set of hammers of 15 reps

3 sets of standing barbell press of 15 reps

Saturday (Cardio)

30-minute treadmill running

20-minute Bicycling

Abdominal workout

Crunches and lunges

Sunday (Rest)

 Let's take a look at Jonh's workout pictures that will surely make you hit the gym!

John in GYM


John in gym
john in gym
john in gym
john working out in gym
john abraham
john abraham
John abraham
john abraham leg day
John abraham
John Abraham chisled body
john abraham
john abraham
john abraham
john abraham
John Abraham

 Wishing our fitspiration John Abraham, a very happy birthday!