Katrina Kaif, Zareen Khan
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Ever since Zareen Khan made her debut in Bollywood with Salman Khan starrer Veer, she was constantly being pitted against Katrina Kaif for her striking resemblance. She was often being called Katrina's lookalike by the media. It was believed that Salman saw Zareen as Katrina who had by then broke up with him on a bitter note. Despite being in the same circle, Zareena and Katrina never had a brief interaction with each other. And Zareen has no qualms in admitting that there was a kind of discomfort between her and Katrina

Talking about the comparison drawn between her and Katrina, Zareen told Pinkvilla, "First of all my looks were compared to Katrina. People love comparing, when Preity Zinta came, they compared her to Amrita Singh. When Amisha Patel came, they compared her to Neelam. But somehow, when these girls came, the people they were compared to, were done with their part of acting. Here we both are together and because of these comparisons, I don't know if there is some kind of discomfort between us."

She continued, "I appreciate her as a woman, as an actor and she is gorgeous. I have a crush on her myself. But the media made it hard from my looks, then came by weight. Maybe a friendship could not be developed because all these things were around. And though it was not openly spoken about between the two of us, but somehow those things were there. And when things like these are there, even if you are not speaking, a little bit of discomfort, that awkwardness is there."

Zareen also opened up about being in a situation where a director had once asked her rehearse a kissing scene with him. "The person is like, 'you have to let go of your inhibitions, you have to let go of inhibitions,' and that time I was relatively very new. And I was like, I am not doing any kissing scene as a rehearsal," she said.

She further revealed that there was another person who had asked if she wants to be more than just friends with him and if she said yes, he would specifically look into the projects she was getting.