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People on social media have slammed Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim's decision to bid goodbye to acting, saying that it is another cheap publicity stunt by the Dangal girl but this time for Sky is Pink.

Zaira Wasim shocked many people by saying she was quitting movies, in a lengthy note shared on social media. What was more shocking was the reason she quoted for bidding goodbye to films. And this was the same girl, who defied what she claimed to be wrong in her hit movie Secret Superstar. Many replied to her and requested her to reconsider her decision as she is one of the amazing actresses in India.

But Zaira Wasim's announcement fueled a serious debate on social media on a lazy Sunday. The left and liberal thinkers said it is her personal decision and none has a right to question it. The people from the right wing admitted that it is her personal choice but questioned her invoking religious faith, which they said is an insult to the film industry and other actors. They even said that she is under the influence of Islamic radicals.

However, there is another narrative arising out of Zaira Wasim's decision. Some people said that if she wants to quit acting, she can silently do it, by rejecting offers. She could have left a small note, instead of a lengthy one. Moreover, she mentioned a sensitive issue like religious faith, which often makes it to headlines. She was intentional in talking about it because it would grab many eyeballs.

People also say that Zaira Wasim is known for this kind of cheap publicity stunts. They recalled her allegations of molestation on a flight.

Her upcoming movie Sky is Pink, which features her as motivational speaker Aisha Chaudhary, is slated for release on October 11. Here are some of the Twitter comments slamming her.

KRK @kamaalrkhan

I will say to all the people, that pls don't trust #ZairaWasim! She is doing all this for the publicity only. She is the biggest drama girl. She is in the Bollywood and she will never leave it. Don't worry, Aamir khan will produce more films for her.

Ritu Kaushal ‏ @9259246058sai

"sky is pink" releasing dates are near so this is publicity stunt only. #ZairaWasim understand how to make a movie hit now! So people would go to see her last movie. God bless her.

DskTalks‏ @Dsk_Talks

#ZairaWasim is a solid psycho who does everything for publicity. Didnt she accuse someone of sexual molestation in a flight sometime ago.? Irony is she was happily shooting herself being sexually harrased by a sleeping man on her mobile camera instead of calling for help

Karthik Kumar‏ @darklordkk

Absolute nonsense this.... #ZairaWasim  Pretty sure all this will turn out to be a publicity stunt for an upcoming movie or series... Bet on it...

Gitanjali D.S‏ @Gitanjali_DS

#ZairaWasim is simply doing all this to gain some publicity for her upcoming movie! Nothing serious. Media unnecessarily giving her importance...

Untamed Lion‏ @patrawalakunal

Zaira Wasim is just making a publicity stunt nothing else. If someone wants to quit something they don't go ahead and keep using social media to declare it as a event in history #ZairaWasim

★Sumit Saurav★ @SumitGomzi

I have seen #RakhiSawant speaking senselessly. I have seen #SwaraBhasker tweeting senselessly. But both can't beat #ZairaWasim forced publicity and senseless acts.

Mani Baba‏ @m4nibaba

Is this a publcity stunt by #zairawasim? If she didn't wanted to be in films fine, just deny any film project etc. Why a post on facebook? Why a publicity? And she been compare to Nusrat Jahan what crap.. #nusratjahan

Pranay‏ @Pranay42859118

#ZairaWasim What if this is just another publicity stunt like the aeroplane incident......stay true your words girl we shouldn't see you in  any movie hereafter......

Vishwajeet yadav‏ @Mr_Wayne_Vj

Ther are many more Muslim actresses working totally fine in Bollywood and nobody is forcing them to quit Bollywood because of religion and all. It's just a cheap publicity stunt by a noob actress. #ZairaWasim

AKV‏ @anandve16027479

There should be zero tolerance against any female but what @WeRZairans did against that person in flight is shameful. The statement of Zaira that she is leaving Bollywood is only for publicity #ZairaWasim

Filmmaker‏ @maneeshfilmdir

I was right, illeterate #ZairaWasim @ZairaWasimmm was looking for some cheap publicity which offcource she got. Remember filth in film industry is much more stinking then you ever thought