Karthik Gowda, the executive producer of Puneeth Rajkumar's recently-released movie Yuvarathnaa and founder of KRG Studios, was abused and harassed online by the fans of Darshan. The reason is he tried to release Telugu film Vakeel Saab in the theatre where Roberrt is still being screened. 

Karthik Gowda and Roberrt
Karthik Gowda harassed by Darshan fans.PR Handout

Why Theatres in KG Road are Important for Sandalwood?
For the uninitiated, Karthik Gowda's KRG Studios is distributing Vakeel Saab, which is releasing on 9 April, in Karnataka. He had planned to screen the Telugu movie in Santhosh Theatre in Bengaluru. Theatres in the KG Road are considered as the main centres by Sandalwood.

Cinema halls here are key centres for Kannada films as they not only generate good revenue, but it is a matter of pride for the stars to release films here and ensure that it runs for 50 or 100 days. 

As KRG Studios planned to release Vakeel Saab in the cinema hall where Roberrt is being played, the fans of Darshan slammed Karthik Gowda. Responding to the issue, he tweeted, "Pls understand that the termination of the film is not my decision but the mutual decision of the exhibitor and the Distributor of roberrt. Pls clarify with them.[sic]"

The fans of D Boss then turned their anger against Umapathy Gowda, producer of Roberrt. Later, he clarified that the fans need not worry as the Darshan-starrer will not be replaced by Vakeel Saab.

Roberrt Producer's Clarification
"Here I am confirming about the #Roberrt Kannada Film will be continuing for further more days @SantoshTheatre only .... So I would like to request all my @dasadarshan Sir Fans to cooperate Folded hands @dasadarshan @TharunSudhir @StarAshaBhat. [sic]" he wrote.

Pawan Kalyan and Puneeth Rajkumar
Pawan Kalyan and Puneeth Rajkumar.PR Handout

Vakeel Saab Shifted
On the other hand, Karthik Gowda has announced that Vakeel Saab is being shifted to Bhoomika Theatre. He wrote, "We will screen vakeel saab in bhoomika all shows. It Will take some time before bms will reflect the changes.Santosh theatre will continue robert. Also ppl, pls note it is not right to target any1 & his family personally. Thats completely wrong. [sic]"

Thus putting an end to the controversy.

Roberrt was released on 11 March on the occasion of Shivaratri festival. It has become the biggest grosser in Sandalwood in the post-Covid era.

Coming back to Pawan Kalyan-starrer Vakeel Saab, it is a Telugu remake of Hindi hit film Pink.