After blockbuster Raajakumar, Santhosh Anandrram has teamed up with the Puneeth Rajkumar again for Yuvarathnaa which is funded by Hombale Films. Sayyesha is making her Sandalwood debut with the flick, which is billed as a family entertainer packed with necessary commercial ingredients.

Yuvarathnaa Movie Review
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The movie deals with the corporatization of education. It tries to throw light on how the private institutions are making the government colleges irrelevant and how education has become unaffordable for the middle class and poor.

A principal (Prakash Raj) tries to save the government colleges and Yuvaraj (Puneeth Rajkumar) fights for his cause. They have to take on the powerful politician and backstabbers who create hurdles at every step. 

 Puneeth Rajkumar has come out with flying colors, as always. Be it dance or stunt, he impresses the audience in everything that he does. The Power Star has got plenty of whistle-worthy dialogues which his fans will definitely enjoy. Dhananjay has lesser screen space than Prakash Raj, but he has pulled off his role with ease as he has been doing a lot of negative roles, these days.

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Yuvarathnaa has a few good songs that include 'Neenade Naa.'  The cinematography is good. Action and dance choreographies are fine. Check out what the audience say about Puneeth Rajkumar's new movie:

Sudeep Angadi 1935: #Yuvarathnaa
1st half completedOk handHundred points symbol
This is a sure shot BombStar-struckFire
Thaman BGM
Fights FireFire
Daali entry scene FireFireFire
@PuneethRajkumar #feelthepower Star-struckCall me handCall me handFire

Shashank: While watching #Yuvarathnaa I felt like I was watching Dr.Rajkumar movies of the previous era.Motivating and Entertaining the audience at the same time.Hats off to the entire team.Thank you for giving such a beautiful movie. @PuneethRajkumar @SanthoshAnand15 @Karthik1423

Sagar Manasu: #Yuvarathnaa Interval
Mind blowing Presentation ❤Fire @PuneethRajkumar Rocking Sir
@SanthoshAnand15 What a balancing Smiling face with heart-shaped eyesOk handOk handOk hand
#Yuvarathnaa #YuvarathnaaFeverBegins

Immadi Brunokeshi: Prakash Rai has proven again that he is lot more than a loud villain he's portrayed as in most of his movies His aura is palpable and carries the most crucial role of the movie with ease and grace
Big kudos to him
Appu once again prooves that he's just the most perfect allrounder in Kannada Cinema-Dance,Fights,Emotions,Comic timing,Mass scenes you name it boss does it
Powerstar eases through the student role without an iota of flaw supposedly in his late 40sOk handOk handOk hand
Went ahead with a little bit of anxiety and movie took time to settle but once Powerstar enters RK university there is no ಅಡೆ-ತಡೆ at all
Pre interval,Appu second introduction,Paatashala and Power of Youth songs taking and placement,climax block are terrific #Yuvarathnaa

KallaraSanthe: MOVIE STORYLINE IS GOOD but a very very slow screenplay, overdose of dialogues, fights,Heroism, #Appu acting and heroine appearnce is good, #Thaman successfully copied BGM's from telugu movies and he covered entire movie with one BGM @Karthik1423

Shreyas Prakash: #YuvarathnaaReview #Yuvarathnaa turns out to be an emotion to all kind of audience!
sir is truely spectacular, pace in his screenplay defines his ability,
sir is brilliant as usual, every minute will remain for longtime in people's heart!

Dr chavez ರಮೇಶ್: #Yuvarathnaa
Belter of a commercial movie. pacy narration of a very prevalent issue concerning the society. Puneeth excels as a dauntless youth on a mission. mesmerizing dance and fight sequences. well scripted supporting roles. haunting BGM. all boxes ticked. well done director

Yadu Gowda: Only hero of KFI who does movie for all sector of audience. It's powerstar
@PuneethRajkumar. Sir, yelinda bartheeri ethara story na next level cinema @SanthoshAnand15
Bgm was topnotch @MusicThaman Totally a best movie in this lock down
@shivuaDDa @PowerStarPunith @Karthik1423