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YS Sunitha Reddy has slammed the reports that the differnce in her family led to the murder of father YS Vivekananda Reddy. She said that he wanted to see Jagan Mohan Reddy to become Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

YS Vivekananda Reddy, a former YSRCP MP from Kadapa constituency of Andhra Pradesh, was found dead at his residence on March 15. His family members alleged that his death was not natural. His personal assistant MV Krishna Reddy has also lodged a complaint with Pulivendula police expressing doubts over the nature of the death as blood clots were found in the bedroom and the bathroom.

The AP government has formed a SIT to investigate this murder case. While the investigation process is underway, there are several speculations doing rounds in the media. His family was upset with the rumours and his daughter YS Sunitha Reddy has now held a press meet to clear the air and put all the rumours to rest.

Addressing the media, YS Sunitha Reddy said, "My father's sudden death has saddened me deeply, but the way media covered this issue has saddened me even more. My father was a great man and he was a great soul. You all know that he lived a life of dignity. Unfortunately, he was killed in the most gruesome way. By having all these loose takes after the incident, we are not giving dignity in death."

YS Sunitha Reddy expressed her concern over media not giving due respect to her father. She said, "I am sure you all love and respect him a lot. He is such a good man and I don't know anyone who disliked him. By talking like this, aren't we insulting him?"

She added, "One thing that is creating a major problem is that we are not able to have fare investigation of this case. Don't you think that all this talk will have an influence on the investigation that is going on? We need to identify the murderer. Isn't that the most important task? If we intervene in this process, what will happen? The SIT has been formed and it has been working tirelessly. I can see that."

YS Sunitha Reddy also alleged that media is drawing a conclusion on this case even before the SIT does it. She continued, "Before even the SIT team releases anything, if you people speculated something on the financial issue and also drew a conclusion, won't it affect the investigation process? If it is so, how will it be a fare investigation? Is there an effort to divert the issue and spread the wrong message?"

It was rumoured that differences in the family was a reason behind the murder of YS Vivekananda Reddy. Talking about it, Sunitha denied family feud. She said, "My father's dream was to see Jagan anna (brother) become the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He has been working tirelessly towards this goal."

YS Sunitha Reddy added, "Then so much negative news spreading around that we have differences in the family. When we are in grief, you are spreading negativity about the family. Is this fare? It is absolutely trash and not true. My sinsiere request to you all and other people watching this press meet and politicians, Please show him the respect that you used to do, while he was alive."