Millennials are quite obsessed with TikTok and YouTube content creators. In fact, people devote their special time to watch their content and some of them even follow and keep up with the latest trends. And if you are one of those avid YouTube and TikTok viewers, you must have come across a hashtag called 'Youtube Vs TikTok on Twitter.

Here's what actually happened!

It so happened that one of the YouTube creators made a roast video a week ago on how TikTokers are creating 'cringe' content online. In response, one of the TikTok creators Amir Siddiqui made an IGTV video accusing YouTubers of copying their content. However, he later deleted the video after receiving several hate messages.

Carry Minati

When Bapp of Youtube Carry Minati came in:

After watching the video, a few YouTubers decided to rage a war against TikTokers and started roasting them. The entire feud between YouTubers vs Tik Tokers began spreading like a wildfire on social media. And the moment when the 'baap of all roasters' YouTuber Carry Minati stepped in, the ongoing feud took an ugly turn, which has now grabbed everyone's eyeballs.


You Tuber vs tik tok

#CarryMinatiRost trend on Twitter

Carry Minati's latest video targeting TikToker Amir Siddiqui and has been going viral on social media and garnered millions of likes, views, and comments within 16 hours.

His video has now given enough fodder for meme creators to take forward the ongoing battle between YouTuber vs TikToker.


Check out the memes:


Lala @beingshadabkhan ##teamnawab We Are With You ❤️?

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Response to the roast video!
No Tik toker has come up with a response to the roast video made by You Tuber Carry Minati. However, #CarryMinatiRoast is still trending heavily on social media.