TikTok is the app for this generation and as many take to the app for some much-needed entertainment, new stars are debuting on the platform. Now, Ibrahim Ali Khan is also on the app and he's already created a stir.

The young Pataudi's first video on TikTok has got the internet talking. In the video, he's on a quest for his wife. What he's really telling us is that he's got all the makings of an actor and a good one at that. Well, the video is hilarious to say the least.

Ibrahim Ali Khan

Ibrahim Ali Khan's TikTok debut

TikTok is an entertaining app and unlike what people seem to think it requires some skill. In the time of Coronavirus, everybody will agree, we all need some reprieve from the doom and gloom. What better way to blow off some steam than watching a couple of funny TikTok videos.

Recently, many stars are joining the app to showcase their talents. One of the latest members is Ibrahim Ali Khan, he's already known to be a spitting image of his father, Saif Ali Khan but also in terms of talent. His TikTok video is now making the news thanks to the humour.

Ibrahim tries to find his wife in the short video and meets another who is also looking for their own. The youngster plays a double role with skill here. Forget the dialogues, he pulls it off nonchalantly. Clearly, displaying his talent for acting, there's a plot twist too.

Watch Ibrahim Ali Khan's TikTok video below:

Fans are unable to get over his skills and are wondering if he's preparing for his Bollywood debut.