The internet was shocked by a video of a woman throwing a small puppy at a random person in the middle of the street which has now wrecked a storm on Twitter.  The disturbing video, the woman is involved in a verbal altercation with a random passerby who starts filming the whole situation playing out in front of him. The video was shared by a Twitter handle @Mulaflare. 

It's unclear how the incident began as the video starts with the blonde woman acting in an aggressive manner towards the passerby taking the video. The woman has not been identified. The video, which was shot in California.

California woman

Based on the video, the woman who was seen manhandling the puppy did not seem like the owner as the puppy himself looks lost. On being asked why was she holding the puppy that way, she started to kick the passerby and threw the puppy at him.

Later in the video, the woman is heard saying, "You're Black." She adds when he asks her to repeat what she said, "I said, you're Black." The man responds, "So what? So what if I'm f****** Black?" She then spits on the ground and says, "So what if I'm f****** white?"

The pup starts crying and runs to the person who didn't just throw it in the middle of the street before the guy picks it up to prevent the woman from coming after the puppy again. 

"Whoa, back up, this is not you're f***ing dog, I got video of everything," the passerby told her before she once again tried to get physical with him. Currently, it has been reported that the dog wasn't hurt and is now safe with some new owners.

Trigger warning: Watch the video here: