Kerala pregnant buffalo
Kerala pregnant buffalo killed. Image:Twitter

While we were still not over the barbaric death of a pregnant elephant who was killed consuming a pineapple laden with firecrackers, another heinous incident surfaced in Kerala. A pregnant buffalo was killed for its meat in Malappuram.

A group of six poachers brutally shot dead a pregnant wild buffalo near Puncha forest areas of Pookottumpadam village in Malappuram District of Kerala.

The Kerala forest department arrested six people in connection with the poaching of a fully pregnant wild buffalo, as per reports. 

25kg of meat was seized from homes of six accused

According to the Police, on the night of August 10, the accused killed the pregnant wild buffalo, then cut open the mother to share the meat of the full-grown foetus.

Following which a raid was conducted revealing the six men in the Puncha Forest region had killed a buffalo and  Further investigation of the bones and carcass of the animal revealed that the buffalo had been pregnant at the time of the killing.

Six accused in Kerala buffalo killing
Six accused in Kerala buffalo killing: Image: News18

The accused pulled out the full-grown embryo as they butchered the mother and shared among other accused. The remaining parts including the skull were then dumped in various places in the forest.

The accused also tried to escape during the raid, they were caught, arrested and produced before the court on Wednesday, August 19. 

The six accused were identified as Pullara Nanippa alias Abu, Parothodika Mohammad Bustan, Talakottupuram Mohammad Asif, Chemmala Aashiq and Pilakkal Suhail and Suresh Babu from Puncha.

Other incidents of animal cruelty

A pregnant elephant died in Kerala
A pregnant elephant died in KeralaFacebook

This barbaric is not the first such incident as animal cruelty seems to have been on the rise in the months during the lockdown.

Two months ago, a pregnant elephant was brutally killed after consuming a pineapple laden with firecrackers in Silent Valley in Attappadi. After which several cases of animal abuses were reported. A monkey was also hanged by three people in order to scare other monkeys in Telangana.