Kolkata man arrested for having sex with dog.(Representational Image)Creative Commons

In a disturbing incident that took place in West Bengal's Kolkata, a 35-year-old man was arrested for allegedly having sex with a dog.

The accused, who has been identified as Kamlesh Mahto, has been booked under Section 377 (Carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal) of the Indian Penal Code. The incident took place this week at the Patipukur area in Lake Town, when his wife and three children were away attending a marriage ceremony at their hometown in Bihar.

The man, who is a daily wage labourer at paper manufacturing unit and used to stay at the company's staff quarters, was caught red-handed abusing the animal.

However, this is not the first time that people have engaged in sexual acts with animals.

Seven other instances of people having sex with animals:

  • Man accused of having sex with neighbour's dog: A 27-year-old man named Philip Samuel Mercon was arrested on July 7, after he was caught sexually abusing his neighbour's dog in his backyard in Texas, US. Fortunately, the dog did not sustain severe injuries and was returned to its owner.
  • Man arrested for sexually assaulting horse: Earlier in April, a 20-year-old man, identified as Kenneth Lijah Duyck in Oregon was accused of sexually assaulting a black mare named Ellie. Duyck had reportedly broke into the stable in the rural property in Hillsboro and abused the animal. The incident came to light after, the mare's owner saw her tied up in the stable in an  "unusual way' and also found an overturned bucket beside the animal. The owner's daughter, a veterinarian confirmed that the mare had been sexually assaulted.
The animal was found "tied up in an unusual way" in the stable. (Representational Image)Creative Commons
  • Man caught having sex with three cows: On January 14, Rathodiya, a man who was employed with a milkman called Lalji Rabari was arrested for having sex with three cows in a Gujarat village. One of the cows died due to the heinous act, following which Rabari approached the cops.
    The milkman said that he suspected Rathodiya of having sex with the cows as he had engaged in a similar act two years back and had sexually assaulted a calf.
  • Cab driver rapes female puppy: In another such incident, which took place in September 2017, a 34-year-old taxi driver in Delhi was accused of raping a female puppy. The animal died of bleeding and shock.
    What is more disgusting about the incident is that the accused man named Naresh Kumar boasted to a neighbour about raping the puppy. The neighbour not only rushed the dog to a hospital but also reported the crime to the police.
  • 15 teenagers rape a donkey: In August 2017, 15 teenagers from a small rural town of Sidi Kamel in Morocco contracted rabies after they gang-raped an infected donkey. While the owner of the rabid donkey was asked to put down the animal, the boys were treated for a week at the Mechraa Belksiri Hospital.
  • 23-year-old caught having sex with cow: In another incident that took place in India, a man was caught having sex with a cow in Satpuli town of Dehradun.
    The accused was booked under Section 377 of the IPC. The news led to communal tension in the small town and Members of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad and Bajrang Dal closed down all the shops in Satpuli market. A shop owned by the accused man was also vandalised.
Man was arrested for having sex with cow. Representational ImageCreative Commons
  • Drunk man has sex with the carcass of a pregnant dog: In October 2016, a 22-year-old man was arrested for killing a pregnant dog and having sex with the carcass in Hyderabad. The accused named Aslam Khan, was caught red-handed by Mailardevpally resident Jahangir in the bushes of an open plot. Jahangir alerted the locals, who thrashed Aslam and handed him over to police.