You will be surprised to know that these remedies that you have been following to get rid of hangovers are just myths.

These are the facts and myths that you need to know about curbing hangovers:

Lining your stomach

Some people believe that they can lessen the impact of alcohol by lining your stomach by having a glass of milk or by having a spoon of olive oil. But consuming these doesn't really have any such effect. The stomach absorbs 20 percent of the booze while the remaining 80 percent is absorbed in the intestine.

Eating food helps in slowing down the process of alcohol absorption by the body. Hence, it helps in reducing the chances of getting a hangover in the morning. Consuming food rich in fats and carbohydrates helps in keeping the hangover at bay.


Drinking water before hitting the bed after having a heavy drinking session aids in keeping hangover away the next morning. Water hydrates our body and dry mouth, keeping the diuretic effect of alcohol away. Hence, drink water in abundance during and after drinking.

Heavy breakfast

According to a survey conducted on 2,000 British adults, fried breakfast is considered a remedy for combating the hangover. The survey unveiled that 26 percent of popular hangover cures depends on dishes that have eggs. It has been found that eggs are rich in cysteine and taurine –amino acids -- which act like a hangover-curbing agent and enhance the functioning of the liver.


Having a cup of coffee is believed to be a cure for hangover by many, but the fact is, it is not. Drinking coffee may sway a headache away but it has an overall negative impact on your body, coffee is diuretic too and it will cause dehydration and even lead to heart palpitations. Hence, you should avoid coffee and other beverages that have caffeine in them.


Having a painkiller before going to bed after the drink is believed to be a hangover cure, but it is not. Doing so is risky because taking a painkiller after boozing can lead to dangerous reactions like internal bleeding. Hence you should stop following this practice.