As the second wave of coronavirus is continuing its killing spree in India, medical experts have expressed their concern over 'Happy Hypoxia', a condition that is commonly found among youngsters. Happy Hypoxia is a condition where the oxygen saturation of the Covid patient gets low but does not feel any symptoms. According to medical experts, this condition is often found in youngsters due to their high immunity and health. 

Happy Hypoxia could turn dangerous

As increasing numbers of youngsters are getting admitted to the hospitals due to Covid with moderate and severe symptoms, medical experts are very much concerned about patients with moderate symptoms, as they could be having Happy Hypoxia. 

Happy Hypoxia
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People with Happy Hypoxia will not get alarmed till the disease has progressed, and by this time, the infection might have caused severe damage to the lungs. The majority of the youngsters who develop Happy Hypoxia will be comfortable even when the oxygen saturation level is at 81, but these low saturation levels without any symptoms could cause considerable damage to the lungs. 

How to identify Happy Hypoxia among Covid patients? 

The only way to identify Happy Hypoxia among Covid patients is by regularly monitoring the oxygen saturation levels. When the oxygen saturation level decreases, the color of the lips changes from the natural shade to appear blue, while skin discoloration occurs from the original tone to a red/purple appearance. 

"We are witnessing what is known as Happy Hypoxia — the patient doesn't know that their blood oxygen level is low and they will keep functioning normally. When the drop is too steep, they will simply drop, sometimes dead," a senior doctor at the Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad told The Print

On May 02, India witnessed more than 3,68,000 fresh Covid cases and 3,417 deaths. Medical experts believe that the mutant variants of coronavirus are the reason behind the drastic surge in fresh cases in India.