As the entire nation is battling the second wave of coronavirus, the test positivity rate (TPR) in Goa shows the grim side of the pandemic that is wreaking havoc. On April 29, the test positivity rate in Goa soared to 51 percent, which means one patient is testing positive for coronavirus in every two tests. 

Coronavirus cases rising in Goa

The state also witnessed 36 Covid-related deaths on April 29 and the number of fresh positive cases on the same day was over 3,000, thus elevating the active caseload in the state to 20,000. As the number of fresh coronavirus cases in Goa is increasing drastically, medical experts believe that the state could face a crunch in healthcare infrastructure. 

Novel Coronavirus
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The load of patients is overwhelming. The hospital added a ward to accommodate more patients, but the number of admissions is so huge, that some are initially accommodated on mattresses on the floor, and are later given beds once someone is discharged," said a doctor in the South Goa district hospital, Times of India reports.

Shockingly, 13 deaths that happened in Goa out of 36 were people under the age of 60. Over the past four days, the state has witnessed over 100 deaths, taking its recovery rate below 75 percent. on Thursday, 230 patients were hospitalized in Goa due to Covid-related complications.  

Even though strict coronavirus lockdown measures are being taken to control the spread of the pandemic, people are roaming freely in rural areas of Goa like Chandur. Amid lockdown, people are roaming in rural areas where police surveillance is very less when compared to Panjim and Madgaon. 

Coronavirus: Latest updates

On April 29, India witnessed 386,452 fresh Covid cases and 3498 deaths. Even though the vaccination rollout is progressing steadily in India, medical experts are worried about the double and triple mutated Covid strains. Some medical experts believe that these super spread variants could evade the immunity offered by vaccination.