child tries to save chicken
Sanga Says: Facebook

A young boy from Sairang, Mizoram is now the hero on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It all happened when he accidentally ran over his neighbor's chicken with his cycle. The kid who was literally shocked took the chicken to a nearby hospital with all the savings he had, a single ten rupee note.

After reaching the hospital, the boy pleaded for help and offered ten rupees to the hospital officials for saving the injured chicken.

Details of the incident along with the boy's photo were soon shared to Facebook by a user named 'Sanga Says', and it quickly went viral on the online space. The Facebook post has already got 1,20,000 likes, and it also garnered 84,000 shares.

Most of the people who saw the post lauded the young boy for his action and commented that humanity is safe in the hands of young children like these.

"Very pure soul and true person who accepted the fault of his own. Very few people dare to understand their faults. May This Innocence lie forever in each one of us, for the sins we do," commented Nitin Chavan, a Facebook user.

"And the money he had in his hand is 10 rupees(INR)= 0.069509(USD) which his mother had given him....he's so cute and pure-hearted child," commented Amber Hnamte, another Facebook user.

child tries to save chicken
child tries to save chicken

A few days back, an answer paper which was written by a Kerala student had gone viral on social media platforms. When asked to write about Ramayana, the student answered it in an epic way, starting with the sentence, "It is better to cut the heads of people who doubted the modesty of Seetha," a reference to the iconic dialogue from the blockbuster 'Baahubali 2: The Conclusion'.

The student even went a step ahead and revealed that Lord Rama is a gangster as he entered the war zone with a strong Vaanara force led by Hanuman. However, as per the student, Ravana is a monster as he came alone. Interestingly, the gangster-monster reference recently became popular after the release of the Kannada blockbuster 'KGF'.