A few minutes after a 12-seater chartered plane crashed in an open area in Mumbai's Ghatkopar on Thursday June 28, photos and videos of the accident went viral on social media.

Passersby and nearby residents were the ones who recorded videos of the accident and circulated them on the Internet. Videos showing thick smoke rising from the spot where the plane crashed, huge flames licking away the mangled remains of the aircraft and the tree which collapsed due the effect were recorded and uploaded on social media.

Among all these videos, there is a clip of one of the crash victims engulfed in fire, which sends a chill down the spine.

In the video, the victim's burning body is seen lying beside a fallen tree. The debris of the Beechcraft King Air C 90 twin-turboprop are scattered beside the dead body. However, the most shocking part of the video is that even as bystanders are seen and heard discussing the mishap, they are not trying to pull the dead man away from the spot or even put out the fire on his body.

  • mumbai plane crash
    Mumbai plane crashReuters
  • mumbai plane crash
    Wreckage site of the plane crash.Reuters

This video indeed makes us rethink if humanity is indeed dead. In the 38-second-long video, people are talking about the mishap, how the pilot tried and crashed into an open area and they are even seen pointing at the dead body.

While one person can be heard talking about the aviation fuel led to the fire, another is describing the loud noise which was heard when the flight crashed. However, no one is seen rushing towards the dead man to douse the flames.

Here's the video of the incident [Graphic content]