The Yo-Yo test has been one of the talking points of Indian cricket as it has become an important criterion for a player to be considered for team selection. Players like Yuvraj Singh have failed the test, which has led to his non-inclusion.

Former India pacer-turned commentator, Ashish Nehra revealed some interesting information on the Yo-Yo test scores of Indian players. The Delhi man also stated that Yuvraj has still not cleared the test, and talked openly about scores of some players.

"I found it easy because as a pacer, I'm fond of running. But some players find it difficult. Like Yuvraj Singh is still yet to clear it," Nehra said.

"All the players perform above than 16.1 mark as that is the qualifying mark. Hardik Pandya has done 19, I marked 18.5 ahead of the T20I series against England in January. Manish Pandey does 19."

Virat Kohli Hardik Pandya
Pandya is one of the fittest players in the Indian cricket team.Reuters

The Yo-Yo test has been introduced in Indian cricket so as to maintain a certain degree of fitness level, which has become an important thing in today's world.

Unfit players do not have space in the national team, and qualifying score is set to be increased in the near future by the Indian team as well.

With fit stars such as Virat Kohli at the helm, things are not going to be easy for unfit players. Some teams like New Zealand have a higher set of required scores too.

"Yo-Yo test is similar to the Blip test we would do in 2001-02. In this test, you have to cover a range of 20 meters in a given time and have to return to start point on a blip. Team India has set a 16.1 mark, which is soon going to be 16.5 soon. The New Zealand cricket team has it at 18. So you have to run a lot," Nehra said.