Amid looming controversies, Ullu App, one of the most popular OTT platforms in India known for streaming erotic web series is continuing its journey steadily. The platform has always ensured that its web series are made with top quality, and to impress erotic movie lovers, these series contain intimate scenes with ample lip locks and romantic foreplays. 

International Business Times, presents you with the list of five steamy web series that is currently streaming on the Ullu App. 

Ullu web series
Screenshots from web seriesUllu App

Charmsukh: Yeh Kaisa Rishta

Charmsukh: Yeh Kaisa Rishta revolves around a steamy story that happens within a home. The story revolves around the life of Rachel who visits her uncle in Delhi from a foreign nation. However, her uncle starts developing a romantic relationship with her.

The series stars Rachel, Mahi Kaur, Chhaya Thakur, and Sharad Ghore in the lead roles. Yeh Kaisa Rishta is loaded with several intimate scenes featuring Ghore, Rachel, and Mahi Kaur.

Double Dhamaka

Double Dhamaka is one of the hottest web series currently streaming on the Ullu App. The series stars Rajsi Verma, Ruks, and Sagar Butt in the lead role. 

The series revolves around the life of a lonely women's fascination towards her nephew, which ultimately resulted in a meaty encounter. Things take a new turn when the woman's sister indulges in this sexual liaison. 

Games of Karma (Kachra)

Praveen Hingonia has directed Games of Karma (Kachra). The series tries to propagate the fact that Karma is like a boomerang. 

"Rajat and Sneha's love for each other knows no bounds but maybe just apparently. Sneha soon learns about Rajat's extramarital affair with Mahi. To avenge against this Sneha seeks intimacy with the garbageman to tarnish her husband's respect," read the synopsis of this series. 

Madhosh Diaries

Madhosh Diaries is yet another hot web series currently streaming on the Ullu App. This series handles a very sensitive subject of wife swapping, which is now allegedly happening in Indian metro cities. 

Madhosh Diaries stars Pameela Mondal, Ananya Samarth, Captain Armaan, and Paras Arora in the lead roles. 

Palang Tod: Saas, Bahu, and NRI

'Saas, Bahu, and NRI' which comes under the Palang Tod franchise is undoubtedly one of the hottest series now available on the Ullu App. The series stars dazzling beauty Rajsi Verma in the lead role, while the supporting roles are enacted by Paromita Dey, and Anil Bisnoi. 

The series revolves around the story of a middle-aged woman who engages in a romantic affair with her daughter-in-law.