Fans from US and Europe wanting to play Yakuza 5, the video game popular for its portrayal of Japanese underworld as protagonists, will now be able to play it in November, when the game will be released, reports suggested.

The reports picked up a hint from the official blog post from the game's publisher Sega, who said that the game will out in mid-November, if everything goes according to schedule.

It further revealed in the post that the delay is being caused by, "a few weird development bugs that popped up in localization." It also revealed that it faced difficulty in "switching the Japanese text out for English" as they had to go through the source code in order to fix the issues. This, according to the publisher, was taking more time that it was anticipated.

It reassures its fans that, "Everything is more or less back on track."

Yakuza 5 was released in March 2012 for Japan audience, exclusively for PlayStation 3. After the Japanese release, players in the west have been waiting for a western release.

It features five playable characters in the game with five diverse environments. The blog post also suggested fans of the game can watch the following five movies as they prepare for the game's release:

  • 'Tokyo Drifter' from Seijun Suzuki
  • 'Infernal Affairs 1 + 2'
  • 'Pulp Fiction' from Quentin Tarantino
  • 'Yojimbo' from Akira Kurosawa
  • 'Sonatine' from Takeshi Kitano
    Sega America