PlayStation 4
Rumours suggest price cut for PS4 in Europe.Instagram

Following similar moves in Japan and North America, Sony is reported to be planning on slashing prices of its PlayStation 4 consoles in Europe.

This news comes from a post on NeoGAF forum, with one of its members uploading the retailer posters from Netherlands that showed the price cut for PS4.

The poster revealed possibility of price drop in PlayStation 4 500GB. The advertising poster says that PS4 500GB will now be priced at €349, and PS4 1TB game bundles will be selling at €399, which will be a €50 price cut. The consoles will be available with their new prices on 21 October.

Another NeoGAF member reported of a similar advertisement in France.

However, these are rumours as of now but there could be a possibility of some official word confirming the same from Sony. The post predicted that this announcement might be made at the Paris Games Week that is taking place from 28 October to 1 November, 2015.

Sony is getting ready to push its sale for the upcoming Halloween and Christmas, even as Microsoft cut down the price of Xbox One some time back, forcing Sony to react in a similar fashion.

In March 2015, Sony revealed that it made more than 20 million global sales.