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Sophie Turner's X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie has become the latest victim of the cybercrime as the HD Cam prints are currently available for illegal download on several torrent websites.

Game of Thrones alum Sophie Turner's biggest movie till date, Dark Phoenix was released earlier today in all the major countries. Hours after the release, several illegal prints were made available by hackers on the torrent website for illegal downloading. X-Men fans are now opting to download the movie's HD-720p print rather than watching it in the theatres. This will surely affect the box-office collection of the superhero mutant movie.

Over the years, several Hollywood movie has become the victim of illegal downloading. Movies like Aladdin, Pet Sematary, and Venom were downloaded around a million times from the torrent websites. The illegal download is considered as a crime in most of the countries and it directly contradicts the copyright claims. Downloading and sharing the illegal content is a crime and it could lead the viewers in prison.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is based on the Marvel's X-Men characters. It is the twelfth instalment in the X-Men film series. The film follows the life of Sophie Turner's Jean Grey who must learn to control her telekinesis powers.

In the film, we see Jean Grey coming in contact with Professor Charles Xavier, who mentally blocks her earlier bad memories and helps her in honing her psychic abilities. The film then takes us to a space shuttle endeavour where the rest of the X-Men has to come together to put an end to Dark Phoenix's power which does not seem to get in control with anyone.

If you guys remember, it was Wolverine who put an end to Jane Grey in an earlier X-Men movie but since the latest instalment does not bring Hugh Jackman's Logan, the ending is swiftly different.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is made against a budget of $200 million and many are predicting that it will manage to get big bucks despite the poor reviews by several critics. Several movie experts are calling it a disappointing and anticlimactic conclusion to the X-Men series.