Evan Peters
Actor Evan Peters arrives at a screening of X-Men Apocalypse at a cinema in London, Britain, May 9, 2016.Reuters

Dark Phoenix is taking the X-Men family spirit to the serious level. The next X-Men movie, which was originally slated to release this November, will me about family and friends but in a darker tone, confirmed Evan Peters.

The Quicksilver actor recently discussed the movie's plot and revealed that the tone of the movie will darker than the previous X-Men movies and have a lot more drama.

"I think the title kind of says it all: it's a little bit darker and it's a little bit more of a drama. It's really about Phoenix and Jean's inner-struggle and how that pans out, and who your real friends are. Who's helping you through these difficult times? So it's really about that and it's about the X-Men family, and I think it's a serious film," he told Den of Geek.

This only goes to show that the X-Men are becoming a tight knit family and Jean's struggle with the Phoenix Force could put their relationship to test.

While he gave a glimpse into Jean's struggle, the actor spoke about his X-Men character in the movie and shared that things have changed for Quicksilver as well. "Quickie is with the X-Men going on missions and doing good with his powers. So he's kind of integrated himself into that world and is trying to fit in there as best he can," he added.

"He's definitely a little older and more mature, a little more subdued, sort of trying to make a, not a name but trying to do right by the X-Men and be a good guy and use his powers for good, so I think he's on that path at the moment," he told Screen Rant.

Dark Phoenix was scheduled to release late this year but was pushed to a 2019 February release with a few reshoots and post production work left. The film's delay is also due to scheduling conflicts.

Evan is expected to reprise his mutant role for the reshoots. "I'll be going back, I think. I'm not sure when or for how much, but I'm excited to get back in there and do some more stuff, it'll be fun," he said.

X-Men Dark Phoenix releases on February 14, 2019.