It could well have ended. Yes, the association of the Undertaker with the WWE Universe which started way back in 1990 could have ended. The Dead Man is believed to be no longer associated with the company.

What has added fuel to this fire is that Undertaker has removed all references which could have linked him with WWE and this has certainly left everyone around in disbelief. His Twitter and Instagram profiles used to have "WWE Superstar" written, but it is not to be seen now. 

However, there is another school of thought which says that he could have removed all references in order to make more appearances outside the WWE, but remains contracted to the company.

Not out of the contract, yet

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The Undertaker.Wikimedia Commons.

"The Undertaker on his social media I guess he removed references to WWE and he gave like like this website address to start taking dates so you know he's gonna go and start doing stuff. You know usually he'd protect that gimmick and he wouldn't do a lot of public appearances, but now he's looking for public appearances," Dave Meltzer was quoted by the Ringside News.

Rumours are also rife that the superstar will not feature in any match this year at WrestleMania, but is slated for a cameo appearance on the show. However, there have been no announcements or scheduling done as of now.

In another news, Luke Harper, who suffered a wrist injury and underwent surgery, is expected to make a comeback pretty soon.

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan were part of the dreaded Wyatt Family. Their names were clipped to Harper and Rowan in order to pair them in a monster tag team on SmackDown Live known as The Bludgeon Brothers.

As of now, all we know is that Harper will return to the Performance Center in order to get in shape for a comeback later in the week.