WWE is well on the highway to the grandest show of the year, WrestleMania and as the 'showcase of the immortals' draws closer, possible dream matches are being mulled or rumoured. While some matches have already been confirmed, a few others are developing into storylines worth investing in.

The 35th edition of WWE's marquee pay-per-view event is slated to be held on April 7 at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Among the matches that are certain to take place are the Raw Women's title match and the Universal title match. While the former is more or less set to be a triple threat between Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair; the latter will see Brock Lesnar defend his championship against Seth Rollins.

Here are the matches that have been rumoured to take place:

John Cena vs R-Truth 

John Cena WWE
Will Cena be wrestling R-Truth at WrestleMania?JP Yim/Getty Images

Truth recently referred to Cena as his "hero" in a recent promo on SmackDown which immediately led to speculations stating that a match between the two is on the cards. With due respect to R-Truth, there are more marketable ways of using Cena's star power and even pit him against Roman Reigns. That will be a dream match given the current situations surrounding the Samoan.

AJ Styles vs Randy Orton 

There have been teases to this feud since the Elimination Chamber when Orton eliminated Styles with an RKO. Since then they have been flirting with confrontations but WWE has not gone ahead with it in full swing yet as they are waiting for Fastlane to be done with. The rumours from the inside state that this match is "very likely" to happen.

Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston 

It was a wonderful moment to see Kofi being given a push. His career has been quite illustrious in the WWE and his recent run showed that he is still the high-flying singles competitor he was when he initially burst onto the scene. This match is most likely to happen but if the fans do not serenade the New Day member with expected fervour, plans could take a last minute turn.

Shane McMahon vs The Miz 

Although the two are still a tag team, they will most likely implode or sow the seeds of impending implosion in their Fastlane title match. The two have long been rumoured to face each other at WrestleMania and it remains to be seen which wrestler plays the good guy.

Batista vs Triple H 

Batista may be preparing for a WWE WrestleMania match against Triple H.Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

If the confrontation between the former evolution members on SmackDown's 1000th episode was not enough proof, the Guardians of the Galaxy star's ambush on Ric Flair in a recent episode of Raw set the match in stone which only requires official confirmation now. Triple H vs Batista will happen at WrestleMania.