justin bieber

Selena Gomez has been stealing all the paparazzi attention in a number of sexy and stylish crop tops.

Now, it looks like her ex beau Justin Bieber is also drawing inspiration from her style and walking out in "crop tops", only theey look like something else on him.

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Bieber attempted to steal Gomez's thunder as he strolled around on a beach in a 'white sport bra', or a crop top. After going through a phase of knee-length tank tops paired with harems and skinny jeans and button downs combination, the Sorry singer has gone the Gomez way and is sporting a crop top. Yes, see for yourself below!

Basking in the sun at a Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, beach, the singer showed off his abs and his new under-pec eagle tattoo under a tight white sports bra.

The Canadian singer paired the crop top with bright red sweatpants. He accessorized the look with his favourite wireframe glasses, and a thick yellow diamond necklace.

People Magazine reports that the crop top didn't stay long on the singer. He stripped off and gave fans a better look at his new chest tattoo – a lion wearing a crown over his heart.

While a male crop top is an actual thing and Bieber is not the first one to sport it, the piece does look a little off on the singer. Bieber is known to pull off the wackiest looks in the past, this clearly doesn't look good though.

There have been a number of celebrities that have pulled it off in the past. For example, People Magazine notes that Will Smith pulled off a crop top in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and Alex Winter, who played Bill from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure did an EXCELLENT job.

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