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Alexa Bliss is the new WWE SmackDown Women's champion after defeating Becky LynchAlexa Bliss / Instagram

Becky Lynch lost her WWE SmackDown women's championship to Alexa Bliss at the WWE TLC 2016, in a table's match on Sunday, in Dallas, Texas. Becky, referred to as the "Irish lass kicker", lost the match as she was power-bombed through the table by Alexa, one of the most highly-rated women's heels of the pro wrestling promotion at the moment.

Now that the title has changed hands, the steady rise of Alexa could be something the entire WWE SmackDown women's locker room needs to be aware of. Becky, 29, meanwhile, has requested SmackDown Live commissioner Shane McMahon and general manager Daniel Bryan to get another shot at her former title.

"I don't ask the WWE for anything, but I'm begging Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan to please, let me get into the ring one more time with her and I'll do the rest," said Becky, whose real name is Rebecca Quin. "Ever since I won the championship, legends of WWE and people have kept telling me that winning a championship changes people.

"What Alexa is gonna find out is that losing a championship changes people a lot more."

Whether Alexa does turn out to be the SmackDown Women's champion heading into 2017, remains to be seen. However, there are a few things which we should mention about the new champion, as for the WWE fans around the world, she is relatively a rookie!

Becky and Alexa were initially scheduled to fight for the title at WWE No Mercy 2016 in October, but the former injured herself and was forced to withdraw from the match.

Alexa Bliss: All you need to know about her

Age: 25

Real name: Alexis Kaufan

Born: Columbus, Ohio

Height: 1.55 m

First WWE appearance with NXT: June 2013

WWE SmackDown debut: July 2016

First WWE pay per view (PPV) appearance: SummerSlam 2016

First Women's title: WWE TLC 2016 (December 4, 2016); defeated Becky Lynch

Quick facts about Alexa Bliss

Harley Quinn - Alexa sported the famous Harley Quinn look from the Will-Smith starring American superhero film Suicide Squad (2016) during WWE Backlash 2016. The character of Harley Quinn -- an accomplice of The Joker and a crazy super-villain -- was originally played by Australian actress Margot Robbie in the film.

WrestleMania XXX appearance - Alexa made an appearance at WrestleMania 30 on in April 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana, alongside the veteran Triple H, ahead of his match against Daniel Bryan. Very few people are aware of this!

Her return from death - As a child, Alexa came back from her death as her heart rate was fell to as low as 28bpm. 

Multi-talented athlete - Apart from pro wrestling, Alexa has been an accomplished bodybuilder, a former softball player, a kickboxer as well as a cheerleader.