World Tuberculosis Day 2017, TB, youth, Mumbai, India,
March 24 is celebrated as World Tuberculosis Day, a rise in the number of youth suffering from TB has been observed in the city of Mumbai, India.Facebook/ Mega Medical Periódico Médico

March 24 is celebrated as World Tuberculosis Day across the globe. The doctors have observed a spike in the number of TB afflicted people in the city of Mumbai, India. This year's motto is "Unite to end TB".

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The surveys have noted a rise in TB cases between the age group of 16 to  30. On the occasion of World Tuberculosis Day, let's spare a thought as to how the changing lifestyle and stress lead to low-immunity and leave people vulnerable to TB. Earlier, TB was tagged as a disease endemic to the lower strata of the society. However, the increase in the use of faulty air conditioners, lack of ventilation and other reasons have led to the spread of the air-borne disease.

TB primarily affects the lungs but the same bacteria can also cause Bone TB. Similarly, it can spread to other parts of the body through the blood stream. The symptoms of Spine or Bone TB include pain in the joints or lower back. 

"Among the 100 bone TB cases that I attend, I have noticed 40-50% youngsters below the age group of 30 years who have bone TB. Increase in the number of bone TB cases especially youngsters have been noted, it is essential to provide timely treatment and proper medication. If not then the bone will start deforming and the patient may have to go for replacement surgery. Spine TB forms puss that can destroy the bones and add pressure to the nerves which can cause paralysis hence the need for timely diagnosis and treatment," Dr Tejas Upasani, Joint replacement surgeon, Upasani Hospital, said in a media release.

However, Dr Indu Bubna, Chest Physician, SRV Hospital, said, "The rise in the figures of TB is also due to the increased awareness among people about the disease. Government has organised various facilities and free treatment opportunities for TB patients, this is helping patients to detect the disease at an early stage itself. As TB spreads through the air, those with low immunity are at a greater risk of contracting TB. Youngsters these days are confined to their home with various gadgets to entertain them. Those who prefer higher studies also sit in a closed room to study. As the ventilation is poor in confined areas, makes it the common way to catch TB infection."

"Timely diagnosis and early initiation of treatment will help patient to recover faster and prevent complications. It is no more the disease of the poor as we can see many teenagers from families with good socioeconomic background also contracting it. Those with lower immunity, caused due to improper food habits, long fasting gaps, inadequate sleep are prone to catch an infection," said Dr Arvind Kate, Pulmonologist, Zen Hospital, according to a statement.

"It has become easier to detect Spine TB with the help of MRI scan, low back pain for more than 3 months should not be ignored. Only with the help of thorough assessment by Spine Surgeon and timely MRI scan Spine TB be confirmed," added Kate.

Though, MRI is an excellent tool to diagnose the disease, it can only be confirmed through a biopsy.

World Tuberculosis Day 2017, TB, youth, Mumbai, India,