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The designated day for people who are obsessed with shut eyes and their bed is here. It is World Sleep Day – meaning it's time for all nap enthusiasts and sleep lovers to rejoice because today nobody can accuse them of ignoring responsibilities for sleep.

But sadly, some of these enthusiasts can still get accused of doing what they love doing the most just because of the way they go about it, especially when someone else has to share the bed with them.

While there's often a medical reason causing sleep defects like mouth breathing and snoring, nothing excuses weird sleeping habits like flailing or snuggling up with all the blankets – or even taking up about 90 percent of the space.

Let's take a look at six distinctively strange kinds of sleepers based on their sleeping habits!

  1. The Flailer:
    These people seem to be re-enacting all those years of physical education drills that they picked up at school, or probably some sort of elaborate contemporary dance form. It does seem very artistic, but not in bed when you can pretty much hit the other person or your own self with your 'steps'.

  2. The Blanket Gollum:
    These people seem to be never okay with the habit of sharing their blankets. They bunch the blanket up and guard them, snuggled up all close and tighter than Gollum from the Lord of the Rings would with the ring. Did nobody teach you sharing is caring!?

  3. The Orator:
    Breaking into extravagant, dramatic monologues is fine in Shakespearean drama and sappy soap operas. Not when you're asleep! Maybe we're being a little too judgmental and extreme here because the action is involuntary in most cases, but that doesn't make it any less of a real issue. Save the conversation for the next date!

  4. The Ever-ready Spoon:
    These people mean well with their displays of affection involving wrapping an arm around their partner, or cuddling uptight, but at the same time it can get a bit too claustrophobic for the other person. They are probably ruling peasants and riding off to sunset in their dreams and suddenly, their space is invaded. And god forbid there's sweat involved!

  5. The Hot-mess:
    They are always hot and their tossing and turning will never let you sleep in peace. Imagine a bumpy ride with rumples sheets and a lot of grunting. Clearly not the dreamland you imagined earlier, fantasizing about a good night's sleep!

  6. The Bed Hijacker:
    The bed is their oyster and no, there's no room for anybody else in it. If you try to grab even a square inch of the area as your own, they will drift towards you to mark their territory and basically, the only option you're left with is shifting to another bed, or worse - the couch to get even the slightest amounts of sleep.

However, at the end of the day – nothing can beat how frustrating snores can get. We understand snorers have absolutely no control over the habit; still, sometimes it can be almost as bad as the blaring alarm you keep snoozing a million times in the morning.

But hey – it's all fair in love and war and no matter how weirdly inconvenient these real sleeping habits can get – you fell into the rat trap right when you chose to share your bed with them. So deal with it!