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Rivers are considered goddesses in Indian culture and the reasons are plenty. They help lands flourish, historically being the source of life, allowing agriculture, providing food and livelihoods. It's only fitting then that there be a day we take cognisance of this fact.

On September 27th every year, the world observed World Rivers Day marking the major contribution of rivers in our daily sustenance as well as the globe's history. It's a day also to highlight the need to protect our freshwater bodies. 

The significance of World Rivers Day

World Rivers Day is celebrated every year on September 27th to mark the importance of our freshwater ways around the world. The day is also important to spread public awareness on the issue of rivers. Rivers especially in these times need protection and need to be kept clean.

The day came about in 2005, when the UN launched the Water for Life Decade to create awareness about the conservation of water and water bodies. Canadian river conservationist Mark Angelo had proposed that the World Rivers Day be brought about to bring the world together for the cause.

World Rivers Day is now celebrated in over 60 countries. In September 1980, Angelo participated int the clean up of the River Thompson in British Columbia which later marked the BC Rivers Day. River ecosystems over time have become a major issue and a pressing environmental concern across the globe. 

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In India, too there is now a growing concern on the state of major rivers that were once seen as lifelines of the country such as the Yamuna and Ganga. Having provided with us with water to sustain agriculture, help lives, and in some ways witness to civilisation, it's time to do our bit as well.