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World Food Day (WFD) is observed every year on October 16 to highlight the need for global efforts towards curbing hunger. The observance of World Food Day began in 1945 when the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations was founded.

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More than 150 countries, along with the UN member countries, raise awareness among people about the issues regarding hunger and poverty during the day.

The WFD website mentions that it is one of the most important occasions according to the UN calendar. The theme for this year is investment in food security and rural development, with aim to achieve the zero hunger goal.

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Food wastage can be minimised if we are more careful in our own kitchens and nearby grocery stores as well. Doing so would help in making Earth a hunger-free planet.

1. Lessen kitchen waste

We can reduce the kitchen wastage by utilising the peels of vegetables, fruits and bones instead of throwing them away. Vegetable peels and bones can be used for preparing nutritious broths. Peels of dry fruits can be used to prepare powders after sun drying them and can be used for skincare routine. Growing some vegetables in the kitchen garden can also result in triggering less wastage as you wouldn't feel like wasting it after putting in your time and efforts to grow it.

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2. Make your kitchen more sustainable

You can make your kitchen more sustainable by utilising leftover foods and storing them better. Some fruits, vegetables and herbs like coriander can be stored in the form of marmalade, chutneys etc.

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3. Opt for organic food

Try consuming food that is pesticide-free and nutritious. Avoid processed food or food with additives for better health. Also, avoid using plastic as it is a non-biodegradable waste, even the degradable plastic bags take ages to decompose. Use jute or paper bags instead, as it would be a great step to take for having a good environment.

These are some simple steps you could take to make Earth a more sustainable planet and lessen wastage of food and address the issue of hunger.