Director Woody Allen and his wife Soon Yi Previn have broken their silence ever since the Allen Vs Farrow had hit the web-screens. The duo called the four-part docu-series as a 'hatchet job riddled with falsehood.'

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, director Woody Allen and his wife said that the series, Allen v. Farrow created by Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick, had no interest in the truth and accused the documentarians of collaborating with the Farrows and their enablers and only giving them a matter of days to respond to the docuseries' allegations.

Woody Allen Soon Yi Previn

Here's the complete statement. 

In the first episode of the four-part docuseries, which premiered on Sunday night, Dylan Farrow, the daughter of actress Mia Farrow, begins to speak in detail about the allegations of incest that she has levelled against Allen, who was Mia's partner during Dylan's young childhood. The first episode paints a picture of Allen grooming Dylan from a young age.

Allen v. Farrow features unprecedented access with Dylan and Mia Farrow, interviews from Fletcher and Daisy Previn (two of Mia's children with her late ex-husband André Previn), and testimonies from Farrow family friends Casey Pascal and Priscilla Gilma, who corroborate the inappropriate behaviour between Allen and Dylan, then a child, that is described by the mother-daughter pair.

In the first episode of the show, the daughter and the mother spoke at lengths about the allegations she had levelled against  Woody Allen. The series had been filmed secretly for the past three years. 

Director Woody Allen who is popular for his light-hearted comedy films, such as Scoop, Annie Hall, Cafe Society, Blue Jasmine had been earlier accused of sexual misconduct, by Dylan Farrow, one of the adoptive daughters of Mia Farrow. But the director had repeatedly denied all these charges.

After 12 years of relationship with Mia Farrow, he married Soon Yi Previn who had also been one of the adopted daughters of Mia Farrow. Earlier the director had said that due to his relationship with Previn, Farrow had concocted lies about him. 

The Connecticut State Police had referred Dylan to the Child Sexual Abuse Clinic of Yale-New Haven Hospital, after which it had been concluded that Allen had not sexually abused Dylan and the allegations had been well-rehearsed by Mia Farrow.