Hollywood filmmaker Woody Allen has become the latest victim of a celebrity death hoax. Earlier today, several bogus claims started to surface, pointing to Woody Allen's death.

However, Allen's death rumour draws division reactions on social media, as several users seemed pleased with the news of Annie Hall's movie director's passing.

Woody Allen
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The Claim:

A fake screenshot surfaced on Twitter, stating that "actor Woody Allen passed away Thursday Evening in his Brooklyn apartment. He died 'surrounded by those he loved.' Source: @ABC" The screenshot was made so that it would look like that DiscussingFilm has shared the breaking news.

Woody Allen
Woody Allen death hoaxJacob (@JacobDFilm/Twitter)

The Fact:

Discussing Film's Editor-in-Chief Jacob pointed on his Twitter that the shared screenshot was fake as they never use the term Breaking, there was no attached image from their end, and the text clearly looked photoshopped.

Even though the news of Woody Allen's passing is fake, hundreds of users joked with the news. One user wrote on Twitter that "every day I wake up and wonder if Woody Allen is dead yet and every day god disappoints me."

Check out another such reaction:

Woody Allen
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Woody Allen's controversial life:

The 84-year-old Woody Allen is considered one of the greatest Hollywood filmmakers. Over the last six decades, he has worked on some fantastic projects, including Manhattan, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Hannah and Her Sisters, Match Point, and Midnight in Paris.

As of today, he has received 16 nominations for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and has won four -- one for Best Director and three for Best Original Screenplay. However, it is his personal life that has been in talks for several years.

In 1992, Woody Allen's adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow accused him of sexually molesting her in her adoptive mother's home. When the accusations were made, Allen had been in a 12-year relationship with Dylan's mother, Mia Farrow. The sexual abuse is alleged to have taken place eight months after Mia learned Allen had a romantic relationship with another of her adoptive daughters, Soon-Yi Previn.

Soon-Yi Previn, Woody Allen
Soon-Yi Previn and Woody AllenWikimedia Commons

Woody Allen has alleged that his relationship with Soon-Yi Previn promoted Farrow to concoct the sexual molestation allegation as an act of vengeance.

In 2018, Previn defended Woody Allen and accused Farrow of abuse. She even claimed she and her adopted sisters were used as domestics.

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