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The Constitution of India guarantees to all its citizens the freedom of speech and expression, but a member of Indian Parliament has been criticised for speaking about his wish for next birth.

BJP Rajya Sabha MP Suresh Gopi's statements during the recent meeting of Yogakshema Sabha, an association of Brahmins, in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, has apparently not gone down well with netizens.

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"I believe in rebirth. In my next birth, I wish to be born in the community, where people wear poonool (sacred thread) so that I can become the head priest of Sabarimala Sree Ayyappa temple," Suresh Gopi told.

"I think people who wear poonool should be considered as god," the MP further said.

Though the people gathered at the meeting cheered soon after the actor revealed his wish, the online trolls took on the actor-turned-politician for his "casteist" statement.

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Social media users have also been criticising the former superstar with the hashtag #AdimaGopi (slave Gopi) for stating such an opinion despite being a politician.

Journalist Charmy Jayasree Harikrishnan wrote: "What kind of regressive dotards do we celebrate and send to Parliament? Ex superstar and present MP Suresh Gopi wants to be reborn as a Brahmin. Shame Suresh Gopi! It's dumb and dangerous people like him that will turn this state again into a madhouse of casteism and shred every single progress that has been made in Narayana Guru's Own Country [sic]."

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Check response of netizens on Suresh Gopi's statement here:

Aditya Menon‏

BJP's Suresh Gopi wants rebirth as a Brahmin. Nairs should declare a holiday if he succeeds. Would be good riddance 2 bad rubbish #AdimaGopi


2 minutes of silence for those who blamed LDF & UDF for letting BJP take Suresh Gopi.
He rightfully belongs in the Cow dung camp #AdimaGopi

Tony Thomas‏

How shameful! #SureshGopi why don't you wish to be reborn where every one is equal & no caste based discrimination?

Brijeesh Kumar CM‏

Suresh Gopi MP wants to born as Brahmin with sacred thread in his rebirth. Same time merit mongers say that there is no discrimination.


#AdimaGopi i wonder whether bhakts are born stupid or they become one after following modi

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