Wonder Woman breaks box office record  for a female director

Wonder Woman is celebrating woman power on the big screen. The badass movie seeks to be an inspiration for viewers across the world and is winning the worlwide box office with unbelievable numbers. But in reality, things refuse to change. While theatres organised an all-women audience screenings across the world for the Gal Gadot starrer, an only-female screening in Belgium turned sexist.

Kinepolis, a popular Belgium theatre, hosted an all women viewing over the week and gave out "gifts" for attendees. The special "goodie" bag was handed over to them during the screening of Wonder Woman. While it can be argued that it was done in good spirit, women did not appreciate what was handed to them.

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The so called pink colour goodie bag read "cool things inside" and the bag contained not so empowering things. A few women posted pictures of their bags online questioning the intentions of theatre.

In the pictures shared, the theatre reportedly handed out bags full of sponges, diet pill pamphlets, squeegees, chocolate, noodles, and chips as a "gift," Mashable reported.

Women sharing the pictures tweeted: "Exclusive goodie bag of Ladies at the movies!? Sponge, John brush and ... Perfect tools for a Wonder Woman?". Many questioned the atrocious choice of gifts (Translated from Dutch)

De Redactie, a Dutch news website, spoke to some women attendees. Women, obviously not pleased with the gesture, felt weird about the gifts. "Actually, it felt a little absurd too," said Diana Goodwin, one of the ladies who was in the audience Tuesday. "Especially when you're watching a movie that completely revolves around a strong female super heroine. You can call at least ironic and inappropriate that women get a subtractor, scourer and an ad for slimming pills under their noses pushed during a movie," the website reported.

Kinepolis later issued a statement: "But the goodie bags filled with products were offered by our sponsors. This was certainly not done on purpose. And it was certainly not intended to come across misogynistic."

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