Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman released in 2017.Wonder Woman, Facebook

Director Patty Jenkins and the Israeli actress have reunited to start work on Wonder Woman 2. While Jenkins is making sure that everything is ready behind the camera for the sequel, it looks like Gadot has hit the gym to train for her onscreen role.

The actress, who played the titular role in the blockbuster movie Wonder Woman was also seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. She reprises the DCEU role for the sequel but there will be some changes. It has been reported that the actress will have a newer costume and the set up will be different from the one in the 2017 DC movie.

Gadot is making sure that she is ready for the new suit as she wakes up on Sunday morning and is in front of the heavyweight machinery at the gym.

Her gym photo comes days after Wonder Woman producer Geoff Johns took to Facebook to share a cryptic photo. The DC Entertainment president and chief creative officer shared a picture of WW, associated with Wonder Woman, and the numerical 84 with it.

The logo soon went viral and fans began speculating the movie will be set in 1984, during the Cold War. Jenkins had earlier confirmed that Wonder Woman 2 is set in the 1980s, 60 years after the World War I took place.

The movie's plot is still under wraps but the new cast members have been confirmed by Jenkins. This includes Diana's new villain. The director had confirmed earlier this year that Kristen Wiig has agreed to be on board to play the villainous Cheetah. Narcos star Pedro Pascal has also been roped in for a mysterious role. The movie is slated to release on November 1, 2019 and filming will begin soon.