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A 28-year-old woman allegedly stabbed her boyfriend to death after their argument over 'who will cook' took a violent turn on Saturday evening. The incident took place in southwest Delhi's Uttam Nagar.

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According to the police, the victim, who has been identified as 30-year-old Eezu, a native of Nigeria, succumbed to multiple stab wounds.

Meanwhile, Elvi Ujumma has been arrested and booked for murder.

Ujumma had invited Eezu to her place on Saturday afternoon, but the duo got into a heated argument. They calmed down when the neighbour intervened but started fighting as soon as he left.

The accused has told the police that they fought over who would cook the dinner. She also added that Eezu hit her first.

It was then that, the accused took a knife to scare him away and warned Eezu not to touch her.

When Eezu attacked her again, she stabbed him several times. She locked herself in a room out of anger. But half an hour later, when she checked on him, he was gravely injured.

"I got scared on seeing him bleeding badly and called my friends. Together, we took him to hospital. Doctors, however, declared him dead on arrival," a Times of India report quoted a police officer.

On being informed that her boyfriend had died, she returned home and locked herself in the room. When the crime was reported to the police, they broke open the door and arrested the woman.

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"Eezu had been staying here for three months. Her boyfriend often visited her, but I had never received any complaint against them," Vijay, caretaker of the house told TOI.

Another neighbour Prabhjot said he heard Eezu and Ujumma arguing loudly on Saturday evening.

"The man often came to the house, but I had never heard them fighting like this. After some time, I saw the woman and her friends hailing an autorickshaw and taking the man to hospital. He was bleeding badly," he said.