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A woman aged 46 confesses becoming a sex addict after undergoing a tumor removal surgery. [Representational image]Reuters

Sharon Whitely, aged 46, got her libido back a while after her tumour surgery. She has in fact revealed that the operation actually turned her into a sex addict!

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Her sexual desire had run dry before she was operated on, but now she is enjoying her sex life to the fullest.

While researchers have still not found what really makes people want to have more sex, it's known that various medical conditions can completely inhibit the desire to have sex.

Whitely had a tumour in her uterus, which weighed around three kilograms (7lb)! This tumour was the reason behind her loss in libido. But post surgery she has revealed that she thinks about sex almost 99% of the time and has been transformed into a sex addict, The Asian Age reported.

Before being operated on, her menstrual cycles lasted for 12 days, which curbed all sexual feelings. But now, she has more sexual partners and is being adventurous with men younger than her.

Doctors believe that this huge transformation in Whitley's sex drive is a result of the hysterectomy she underwent.

A hysterectomy is the removal of a part or the entire uterus.