sex, woman,Laura Crow, rare disorder,
Laura Crow, 28, suffers from a rare disorder which makes her pass out when she is having sex.Facebook/ Laura Crow

Hailing from Southend, England, 28-year-old Laura Crow suffers from a very rare condition called postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTs). A strange disorder makes her faint during sex.

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The disorder makes her heart race upto 110 beats per minute; almost 40 beats more than the normal.

The heart beats further spike to 110 beats per minute when she undergo an adrenaline rush and makes her faint. She has suffered from fainting episodes while having sex with her 28-year-old husband, Ben.

Laura Crow, woman, sex, rare disorder,
Laura Crow with her husband Ben.Facebook/ Laura Crow

She led a completely normal life until she got pregnant with her first child Dylan in 2009. She was four weeks pregnant when she fainted for the first time. A fainting spree followed— with such occurences happening seven times a day, as per the Daily Mail report.

She was finally diagnosed in 2011 after two years of consultations with a slew of doctors.

Mrs Crow has been with Ben for eight years and are married for nearly five.

"When I was around four weeks' pregnant, I passed out and went to the doctors. I'd never fainted in my life until then. The first doctor I saw said it was just part and parcel of pregnancy, but another doctor sent me for tests," she said, as reported by Daily Mail.

Her condition started to improve after she had her second and third child. 

"Laughing is also tricky - Ben is a tickler. Every time he tickles me I laugh myself to a faint!" she disclosed.

"We did think twice about having more children - but at the time they didn't know if it was a hormone problem that had triggered the PoTs, so it potentially could've gone away with another pregnancy. It did get better - I used to pass out seven or eight times a day, but after my second and third pregnancy it's only once or twice a day," she stated.

Crow said she wished she was a normal mother who could go out with her children without being worried about fainting episodes. She said her kids and husband are taking good care of her.