Woman looks like Shrek after fake tan goes terribly wrong
Woman looks like Shrek after fake tan goes terribly wrong. [Representational Image]Creative Commons

Getting a tan can be exciting if it turns out to be exactly like you wished it to be. In case of Danni Bruce from Nottingham, it turned out to be so bad that she refused to leave the house.

The 20-year-old woman's skin turned dark green within five minutes of applying one coat of a fake tan bought for £3.99. She chose the 'Darker than Dark' shade of the fake tan product.

According to a Metro report, Danni said: "I was having a meltdown. I looked in the mirror and my whole chest was green. I was hiding from everybody in the house. I had my hood up and the sleeves of my dressing gown down to my hands. Danni quickly turned green, but couldn't wash the tan off."

She added: "I'd already shared it online so when I showed photos of my green hands I had people calling me the Hulk and Shrek."

People started editing her face onto Fiona from Shrek's body. She said: "It was really funny actually – I took it in my stride. If I don't laugh about it then I will cry. However, I'm not leaving the house looking like this."

She couldn't wash it off the product immediately as someone was using the washroom at that time and quickly turned dark green. A mousse, however, did wash off to leave her a tone closer to her natural skin, but the green tinge still remains.

"The color makes me look like I'm dirty, very dirty," she said. "I wouldn't use that color again but it hasn't put me off fake tanning. Thankfully most of the mousse has been washed away."

"I woke up to about thirty messages from people asking to see more after pictures. This has gone mad. I have had so many messages from family I haven't spoken to in ages because they've seen the post gone viral," she added, "the funny thing is I did test [the Darker than Dark mousse] before I used it but I showered it off straight away because I didn't want it to clash with my makeup."