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Summer skincare [Representational Image]Pixabay

Jackets and jumpers have already found a place in the corner of the cupboard as the summer set in. The hotter climate demands a change in diet, clothes and of course, skincare. It's time to put away thick, greasy moisturizers and move to gels and face mists.

In an exclusive chat with IBT India, Dr. Sudhamayee Venkatesh, a dermatologist at Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal revealed why it's very important to change the skincare routine in summers.

Sudhamayee said: "Skin is the interface of our body to the external environment hence changing seasons have a large impact on the skin and thus require a change in skincare routine in summer as well."

Heat increases the blood circulation to the skin in an effort to radiate the accumulated heat and cool the body. "This leads to excessive sweating in the body folds and oiliness in the T-zone of the face, and chest; both of which are more pronounced in oily skin,"Sudhamayee said. "There is also flushing of the face and a higher tendency to sunburn easily."

Due to the heat, in summer air become drier. "It also brings with it a higher UV radiation on the skin. So, adequate water intake and fresh fruits and salads replenish the skin with fluids and other vital nutrients," Sudhamayee added.

The daily skin care routine mainly consists of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. However, there's a slight difference in the routine based on the skin type. The frequency of cleansing and toning is higher in oily skin and combination skin. In case of dry skin, frequent moisturizing is important.

Using of sunscreen, avoiding sun exposure as much as possible and adequate hydration are the key steps to protecting the skin from getting tanned. Sudhamayee suggests not to experiment with tan-removing techniques. It might damage the skin.