woman with 7344CC breasts
Woman has 'tap' attached to body to support her 7344CC sized breastsYouTube screenshot/This Morning

Many people of late have been opting for cosmetic surgeries to 'look' better. But not always, going under the knife yields positive results as surgery fails are also a common occurrence.  

Three women have undergone innumerable surgeries to dramatically increase the size of their boobs but are not satisfied yet with the results. One of them even has a tap on the side to keep the boobs topped up.

Mary, Dolly, and Lilly shared with UK-based iTV presenter Phillip Schofield on her show 'This Morning' how unhappy they were with their breast sizes.

Despite undergoing countless enlargement surgeries, the women (two of them are at 34M) are yet to get to the size they wish for. 

Dolly, who revealed she was already a C cup prior to any enlargement surgery, said: "I love big breasts... I'm obsessed with it. I think I'm more obsessed than guys can be. Even if they're not real – I love it."

dolly with 34M sized breasts
Dolly has an 'expander' put in, which allows her to keep going to the doctors to just get her breasts 'topped up.'YouTube screenshot/This Morning.

But Dolly didn't have implants like the way it is done in the most common breast enlargement surgeries. She has an 'expander' put in, which allows her to keep going to the doctors to just get her breasts 'topped up.'

"You can go every month back to your surgeon so you can fill them up a little bit. It means there's no anesthesia or the need to go under the knife. It's much safer," she explained.

When Phillip asked Lilly how big her breasts are, the labor and delivery nurse replied: "7344CC each."

Lilly, a resident of Seattle, US, revealed that she has a 'port' on each side of her body, which are similar to taps that fill up her breasts whenever she wants. Lilly said: "It means I can gradually fill them up as my skin allows for the expansion."

Phillip asked her if she has a certain goal that she is yet to achieve when it comes to her breast size, Lilly replied that there's no fixed size but she is still unhappy with her current size, which according to her is small.

She said: "I have never had a goal in mind I just like the look of them, and I like them bigger. So I just haven't found the level I'm happy with yet."