In a heartwarming incident that happened mid-air, on Wednesday morning, March 17 while travelling from Bengaluru to Jaipur, a woman gave birth to a baby girl on board Indigo airlines flight.

At around 5.45 am the flight departed from Bengaluru and landed at around 8 am in Jaipur.


The Jaipur airport was put on alert to arrange for a doctor and an ambulance and other necessary medical help required for the newborn and the mother.

Dr.Subahana Nazir, who was travelling on the same flight,  effectively assisted the Indigo crew in delivering the baby. 

indigo airlines

The airline's statement noted, "The baby was delivered with the help of the IndiGo crew, effectively assisted by Dr Subahana Nazir, travelling with us on the same flight.

Further, It mentioned, "Both the baby and the mother are stable". IndiGo's Jaipur staff welcomed the doctor into the arrival hall and a thankyou card was handed over to Dr Subahana Nazir.