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Falling in love on social media platforms has become a usual affair. The love story of a woman who got married online only to be dumped after a few months has left a woman's welfare organisation in Bengaluru, scratching its head.

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A north- eastern woman, whose name has not been disclosed, approached the councillors of Vanitha Sahayavani that operates out of Bengaluru police headquarters to save her marriage with a man whom she had met online.

Did not meet expectations?

According to Iqbal Ahmed, a senior counsellor from Vanitha Sahayavani, the victim, who belongs to a minority community, met the Bengaluru man who also belonged to her community on Facebook.

After talking with each other for over six months, the duo developed an emotional bond, following which the 35-year-old victim divorced her husband.

In 2015, she married the Bengaluru man, who is in his forties in a rather unusual way. They got married " through a Nikah over the phone", Ahmed told International Business Times, India.

Three months later, she left her children with her first husband and moved to Bengaluru to live with her new husband. However, the man refused to move in with her as she failed to meet his expectations. He found out she suffered from a disability from stroke.

Though he continued to support her financially and pay for her medicines, he later divorced her.

It was then the victim approached Vanitha Sahayavani. She wanted to reconcile with the man and did not accept the divorce.

However, the councillors feel the woman was at fault for not being truthful about her physical ailments.

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"In this case, the woman was at fault for not revealing facts about herself to the man. But we often see cases of women having problems because of lack of transparency in a relationship," Rani Shetty, in charge of Parihar, the non-profit organization that runs Vanitha Sahayavani family counselling centre told TOI.

The man did not want to reunite with the victim. The victim has also decided the same later on.

"When she first came to us, she wanted to reconcile with him. But at the end of six months, she was confident enough to live alone. Now she works in a private company in Bengaluru and supports herself," said Ahmed, who was counselling the couple.

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"We have also dealt with cases where women are victimized, harassed or blackmailed," said Shetty.