A woman called Nadiyah from Atlanta in the US, matched with a guy named Eric on popular dating app Tinder, has become friendly and fell in love but later found it taking an unexpected turn when she discovered that the guy is married with kids.

Modern love fuses technology and interests to match you with your potential soulmate. But while swiping right on someone you like online, there are high chances of getting catfished or tricked when people lie about who they are. The woman came across a similar situation after matching with a man on Tinder who, she claims, was married.


Sharing the screenshots of the conversation on TikTok, the chat seems to be going smoothly and promising as Eric says that he wants 'a serious one lady kind of man thing going.' Then Nadiyah asked if he was 'currently entertaining/dating anyone' to which replies, 'no, unfortunately.'

Then they decided to meet up next Saturday. Before meeting a stranger from the internet, Nadiyah did what any woman's next step would be, she looked him up on Facebook and things went downhill.

She discovered that Eric was married with six children. She shared the screenshots of his wife's profile where it was confirmed that they had been together for more 2.5 years and married for 7 months with six children.

Nadiyah chose not to confront him right away and opted for another way to get revenge as she joked in her video caption, "I woke up and chose (to be) petty."

She asked him if she could bring a female friend along, before meeting him for date, to which he agreed. Then she sent him a photo of him and his wife, joking that she would be the 'special guest of honor.' Eric, confused and taken aback, responded with, "You smooth." On Nadiyah's further questions, he added that he didn't try to play her as he is going through somethings and wasn't ready to tell her yet.

Netizens applauded her for calling him out on his lies. One of the users wrote that he stopped online dating because it is exhausting and called her reply incredible.