Nandamuri Balakrishna
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Telugu superstar Nandamuri Balakrishna has landed in another slapgate controversy. Irked with his behaviour, Twitterati has condemned the erratic behaviour of the actor-turned-politician and dubbed him as 'Bullykrishna'.

Previously, Balakrishna, known as Balayya among his fans, had made headlines for slapping his assistant at the launch of his 102nd movie earlier this month. Even before that news died down, the 57-year-old actor has courted another controversy. This time he slapped a fan while campaigning for Nandyal by-election in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh.

After a busy campaign, Balakrishna was checking into a hotel to rest for the day when one of his fan from a jostling crowd of admirers and TDP supporters accidentally fell on him in an attempt to garland the actor. Without a second thought, Balayya gave him a tight slap. The incident was caught on camera and it created a huge buzz in the social media.

Several neitizens who watched the video apparently got upset. They took to Twitter to condemn his behaviour. A few even called him names. Check out the comments below:

Khalidibba@dibba‏ (@khalidibba: #Balakrishna or Bullykrishna? #Balakrishna lives in the make belief world of cinemas where hero bashes up anyone with impunity.

Shruti‏ (@proud_2beIndian): #Balakrishna He again Slapped his fanHe looks always high.Pshycho!Send him to that we can also get rid of his torturing movies

Sumanth‏ (@chsumanthkumar): @ncbn Its disgustful to see a leader like you encouraging indignified and short tempered #Balakrishna

Kolluri Saikiran‏ (@saikirankollur1): #Balakrishna he think himself a great person oki . When public give same respect he over reacts .too much. Pls learn how to respect ppl.

Narasimha Murthy GK‏ (@GKNarasimha): #Balakrishna Either he has lost his mental balance or arrogance seems to hv gone into his head !!!!

Sridhar D‏ (@Sridhar63025940): #Balakrishna the bad attitude of actor... Give this finger that b**☠*¥

Haricharan Pudipeddi (@pudiharicharan): Another incident. #Balakrishna allegedly caught slapping a fan last night in Nandyal. He is seriously on a slapping spree.

Uma Sudhir‏ (@umasudhir): Hot-blooded hero turns villain? Actor-politician #Balakrishna slaps fan who gets pushed as he's tryng to take selfie

Murali‏ (@umkev): I must say in INDIA we just adore actors madly , this is the result of these manic activities. #balakrishna not be blamed.

Nandie (@Nandie031197: Un padatha pathu famous aknavangla madhiklana then u ll be in street one day #Balakrishna

Aditya Vemuri‏ (@truevizagite): #Balakrishna is the worst product of nepotism in tollywood. Neither a good actor nor a good politician.

Chandu k Reddy (@kallamchandra): #Balakrishna How to people face him??? Man handling with people?? This is not our culture. Send him immediately psychiatrist.

Chitra‏ (@ChitraWasHere): How are #balakrishna 's fans ok with this?&they r also ok without an apology? People need 2 boycott his movies until his behaviour changes