What happens to humans after death is one of the most intriguing questions spiritualists and medical experts are trying to answer for years. Citing religious books, spiritualists claim that humans start their journey after taking their last breath. However, medical experts often dismiss these views stating that the consciousness of humans ends as their brain stops functioning.


The unusual NDE case of Sydney

Recently, a woman named Sydney shared her near-death experience (NDE) testimonial on the NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) website. In the testimonial, Sydney shared her near-death experience during the time of her pregnancy delivery.

While giving birth to a baby, Sydney clinically died for some time, and during these moments, she apparently saw her deceased mother and a few other people whom she does not know.

"My mom passed away three and a half years prior to when I had this experience. I was in a dark area where my mom, myself, and a few other people I didn't know were basked in a blue-white glow. I want to say we were standing around a stone table. My mom was holding my hand and I kept wanting to leave. But she kept telling me that I had to stay for a little while longer because I needed time to get better," wrote Sydney on the NDERF website.

In the testimonial, Sydney also added that her mother talked about the beautiful baby girl she has given birth. Sydney's mother also asked her to go back so that she can live with her daughter.

Was the near-death experience pleasant?

In her testimonial, Sydney revealed that her near-death experience was extremely pleasant. The NDE victim also made it clear that she lost awareness of her body while on the verge of death.

As per Sydney, her consciousness level and alertness became very high than normal during the NDE. She also made it clear that her thoughts were speeded up during these moments.

The testimonial shared by Sydney has already gone viral, and people have started claiming that the afterlife is real, and people's consciousness continues to exist even after death. However, medical experts argue that the survival trick of the brain during life-threatening events is resulting in these visual hallucinations.