The yet to be proven concept of life after death has been perplexing humans for years. Even though spiritualists consider afterlife a reality, medical experts assure that death is the end of everything and a human entity on the earth ceases to exist forever after taking the last breath. In order to prove the existence of a human soul, spiritualists usually share experiences shared by NDE (Near Death Experience) victims. One such testimonial by a man named Steven has now gone viral in online spaces.

The unusual near-death experience of Steven

In a recent write up on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) website, Steven claims that he had an NDE following a cardiac arrest a few years back. During the near-death experience, he apparently walked in a green meadow.

"The sky was very blue. It was warm and peaceful, and I felt safe. I vividly remember looking up onto a knoll and seeing a row of four extremely bright white buildings. The buildings had strange symbols on the side facing me. The symbols looked like nothing I've ever seen before and unfortunately cannot recall them exactly so I cannot draw them. However, the symbols were made up of lines similar to Asian writing. I somehow knew that I was supposed to go to the white buildings. So, I began walking that way. I do not recall if I had a body; I just remember heading towards the buildings," wrote Steven on the NDERF website.

Steven claimed that his NDE experience was pleasant and he apparently lost awareness of his body. The near-death experience victim claimed that he remembers it more clearly than any other life event.

What causes visual hallucinations during NDE?

As per modern neuroscience, a near-death experience usually happens due to disturbed multisensory integration during life-threatening events. During these moments, the brain will adopt a survival technique to meet the decreased oxygen supply and this results in visual hallucinations among NDE victims.

However, spiritualists strongly argue that experience shared by Steven is authentic proof of the afterlife or life after death. These spiritualists strongly believe that the ultimate eternal journey of humans starts after taking their last breath.