New study shows life after death may be possible
A mental health clinic in Shenyang offers patients the experience of "death" by having them lie in a coffin as a form of therapy.Reuters

A near-death experience (NDE), is a strange phenomenon that has been perplexing spiritualists and medical experts alike since the day humans started learning about death. While spiritualists consider NDE as a proof of life after death, medical experts claim that death is the end of everything, and they assure that weird experiences during life-threatening events are the result of the human brain's survival technique.

Now, a Chinese man named Chenguan has shared his incredible moments during a near-death experience on the NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) website. Chenguan became the victim of NDE due to allergy complications, and he claims that the moments of dying were undoubtedly delightful.

Chenguan also added that he heard delightful music and started ascending above the skies during the near-death experience. However, Chenguan was apparently compelled to return to the material world as his time was not up in the book of God.

"Melodic music emerged from afar to nearby me, which it was the most delightful music that I ever heard. I listened to it carefully and would like to sing along with it. Nevertheless, the whole piece had not finished yet, instantly the chair below me went missing. I began to fall down, and I screamed out loud, "I don't want to go back! I don't want to go back! I don't want to go back." But it was completely futile. The descending speed was the same as when I was ascended where I went through multi-layer clouds, where every cubicle was thousands of miles in size," wrote Chenguan on the NDERF website, as translated to English by Jenny.

As the testimonial shared by Chenguan went viral online, spiritualists have started arguing that afterlife is real, and it is something out of science's reach. Spiritualists believe that humans start their eternal journey after the last breath, and the quality of this afterlife trip will be determined by the deeds performed by humans during their moments on the earth.

A few weeks back, a woman named Sarah had claimed to have seen her deceased son during a near-death experience. Sarah also added that she felt intense love during NDE.