life after death

The concept of life after death has been perplexing medical experts and spiritualists for many years. In order to substantiate the existence of an afterlife, spiritualists cite examples of people who have witnessed weird sightings during near-death experiences (NDE). These believers argue that life after death is an undeniable reality, and humans actually start their eternal journey after taking their last breath.

The curious NDE case of Alfred

Recently, a man named Alfred shared his mindblowing near-death experience testimonial in the NDERF (Near-Death Experience Research Foundation) website. Alfred experienced NDE as he tried to commit suicide using narcotic drugs.

During the NDE, Alfred claims to have floated above his own body, and this out of the body experience stopped in endless space. The NDE victim also added that he felt the presence of spiritual beings around him during these moments.

The man even claimed that he saw Jesus Christ during these mysterious moments between life and death.

"Even though it was pitch-dark I could see distinctly that I was standing on the shore of a lake. I didn't have the time to think about my condition because I could see a boat far away. Standing upright in the boat, there was a man holding a lantern and he was looking towards us. I immediately knew him. It was Jesus! No wonder he was the only light to be seen far and wide," wrote Alfred on the NDERF website.

After coming back to life, Alfred started following the ideals of Ramana Maharshi, an Indian mystic. The NDE victim claimed that Jesus had told him about Ramana Maharshi during the near-death experience.

"A working friend told me that she wanted to reduce her private library and asked me if I may have any interest in a book of Ramana Maharshi, an Indian mystic. I had never heard of him, but I remembered Jesus' words that I would find my spiritual teacher. The book captivated me from the beginning and it became my life's compass," added Alfred.

What causes weird visual hallucinations during NDE?

Even though spiritualists consider near-death experiences an authentic proof of an afterlife, medical experts believe that it is a peculiar nature of the human brain which is causing these weird visual hallucinations. During life-threatening events, the oxygen supply to the brain will be reduced drastically. At these moments, the brain adopts a survival technique and it is making NDE victims witness these mysterious sightings.